Wera Bestrd - Kotodama @Youreup Radio

Wera Bestrd - Kotodama @Youreup Radio

nikola wolf: " KOTODAMA " Go find me on instagram, twitter @nikolawolf_ cover art artist: https://www.instagram.com/2013yearold/ stream this song: https://open.spotify.com/album/0yrfCOwXYAyt6V20t4fwat?highlight=spotify:track:7sL7iYmnLLeyZBAlGMeiCB mixed and mastered by Chase Copley https://www.instagram.com/chasecopleyy/ LYRICS: Big ole bombo call me bloody rasta If you want that smoke we can go ahead and run that problem That ho a dub she take it from behind her You ain’t my mans you’re just some other’s partner Bruh I got them racks inside my double binder Tuck it up fast, real tight need no reminders Finna beat your ass, might wet your under garments Big ole bombo call me bloody rasta I don’t like your drip that shit is bum designer Don’t fuck with your aunt, your cousin or brother’s momma She throw that back, hit it raw, don’t want no condom Try and rob me but don’t get nothin nada I see you run fast, walk with a limp, my tongue keeping my guard up Could’ve got jumped, here they too dumb to find ya We could shoot 30s even if you’re built, this thing go up your visor Big ole bombo call me bloody rasta I’m adamant, screaming out fuck a deal I don’t want your crummy gualla Finna go rouge all up on your buddy’s roster If you keep flashing all that guap then I’ll rob your fund advisor Bro a bozo, speakin in barks, no weiler I cut eem up bad, he givin up thumbs for all of that trust he biting We ain’t so bro bro, you ain’t my die or rider. BIG OLE BOMBO CALL ME BLOODY RASTA BLACK OUT TINT, BLOOD ON MY RIMS WE FINNA GO DOUBLE COMMAS MASK AND A POLE HE FINNA GET SLUMPED, GO NANA CRASHIN THE WHIP, FACE FIRST IN A TREE BUT I AINT NO DUMMY DRIVER dressed in a mosh pit, lookin like the met gala Bro out of shape he on some bitch shit lookin like greasy pasta Bitch don’t get to close, I’m one of them demon monsters.




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