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Experience Design, Interactive Design, Visual Storytelling Agency In Dallas Texas 2021 Highlights

900lbsofcreative: (469) 283-8043 - https://900lbs.com/about/ This video features project highlights from 900lbs, a tech-driven experience design agency and innovation lab based in Dallas, Texas. Our reel features 900lbs’ clients such as Bell Helicopter, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Sierra Nevada Corporation, Mack Trucks, Royal Caribbean, NCR, Freedom Financial, Nokia, Hertz and more. Some of the kinds of projects on which 900lbs has delivered in the recent past include: Customer Experience Center Interactive Installations Web-based and Virtual Interactive Experiences Augmented Reality (AR) Virtual Reality (VR) Mixed Reality (MR) Mobile Apps Large Scale Visual Content Museum Exhibit Design Trade Show And Conference Interactive Exhibits Immersive Video And Other Immersive Content Digital Visual Storytelling 3D Building Projection Mapping Motion Graphics And Animation Sports Technology (VR Games, Large Scale Stadium Videos, Etc.) Prototyping and Proof of Concepts Data Visualization Applications Much More... Here is more about the company: From interactive “wow” marketing experiences to multi-phase practical applications utilizing emerging technologies, the need for rapid prototyping and scalable, iterative design is critical. We seamlessly integrate ourselves into a diverse range of business units to help solve problems, analyze data, and collaborate to visualize the art of the possible. Content remains king and it all starts with the story. From large-scale LED walls to immersive environments, visual design comes in all shapes and sizes. Our team excels at utilizing consumer-centric, intuitive combinations of video production, motion graphics, and animated user interface design to ensure that even complex messaging or technical information is engaging and compelling. Founded in 2008, 900lbs is a future-focused experience design agency with a mission to serve and empower our clients and industry trailblazers. As a design and development Special Forces Unit, we create a diverse range of interactive initiatives and visual content to showcase the art of the possible and make it a reality. With an arsenal of cutting-edge technologies, we bring complex and disruptive ideas to life to drive business results. 900lbs is a SBE (Small Business Enterprise) certified company. You are welcome to follow us on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/900lbs/ You are welcome to follow us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/900lbs You are welcome to follow us on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/900lbs-of-creative 0:05 experience design agency 0:12 interactive touch wall 0:15 interactive museum exhibit design 0:20 interactive connected smart phone app design 0:25 VR game development 0:28 augmented reality for print advertising and marketing




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